Sing with MG

Please fill out the following application form, preview it and submit it. 

Terms and conditions :

  1. There is no AGE limit to participate in the audition.
  2. You should choose a song either sung or directed by M.G. Sreekumar.
  3. The song should be sung byheart.
  4. You should sing the song in one take.

Once you submitted the application form, call Magnavision TV and book a date for Audition. For more details contact us on 02038748744.

Please enter your Unique VIP Ticket Number.
Please select the venue of the event you booked.
If the candidate is below 18 years old, the parent/caretaker must accompany the candidate for audition. The parent/caretaker must also consent and authorise Magnavision ltd to videograph the minor candidate
Please upload your Photo in JPG format.